Outsource your Finance Department

Many business owners are enthusiastic about their business. They are also driven to ensure that they deliver an excellent level of service to their customers. However, these entrepreneurs may not have the skill or the experience to spend a large amount of time in the financial side of the business. Indeed, some owners feel that their skills and expertise would be better used to drive the business forward.

Stallion Accountancy Services can offer a totally flexible solution to your outsourcing needs. We can work either at your office or off site. This will free up your time and also allow you to concentrate on the core tasks of running your business.

Why Should you Outsource?

There are numerous benefits. Some of these are:-

  • Increased levels of expertise
  • More free time to spend on running your business
  • Cost savings
  • You do not have to worry about your Finance Team going on holiday
  • You also do not have to spend money training your Finance Team
  • Not having to worry about upgrading your bookkeeping software
  • Scaleability
  • Regular reviews on up to date financial information


Increased Levels of Expertise

You will have access to an accountancy expert who is up to date on legislation and how this may affect your business.


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My Business Cannot Afford to Outsource Accounting

Actually, when small businesses are in the growth stage, this is when they are most likely to fail. It is therefore vitally important to have access to accounting expertise.

Full-time accounting employees are expensive. Outsourcing shifts this burden along with hiring, training, vacation, sick time etc. to the outsourcing firm. This then turns a fixed accounting cost into a variable cost based upon the scope of work.

Why should a business carry the payroll burden for a non-revenue generating function, such as accounting? Why pay a full time accountant or bookkeeper’s salary when you can outsource and just pay for the accounting you need?

Stallion Accountancy Services offer fixed monthly fees for a defined itemisation of services. This allows you to predictably budget for accounting on a monthly basis.

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Outsource your Finance Department













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More Free Time to spend on running your business

By outsourcing, you will not have to spend time on the day to day processing of routine transactions. You will therefore be free to spend time on the core values of your business such as customer service.

Cost Savings

Another advantage is that you will have a one off monthly fee. You also do not have to worry about upgrading your accounts software or training staff either.


Outsourcing enables organisations to scale resources up and down as needed. There is no further obligation to pay salaries or benefit costs. Additionally, it alleviates the burden of hiring, training and maintaining accounting staff.

Regular Reviews using up to date Financial Information

By outsourcing, your accounts information will always be up to date. You can therefore be updated on a regular basis with the financial health of your business. This will also let you identify any issues as they arise so that you can deal with them as they occur. It also means that pro active, timely advice can be given rather than only having access to historical information.

What can be Outsourced?

Some of the most common tasks that are outsourced are:-

  • Day to day bookkeeping
  • Outstanding customer and supplier reports
  • Management Accounts
  • VAT
  • Payroll
  • Credit Control



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Ultimate Benefits of Outsourcing

For a business that is poised for growth, one of the greatest benefits of outsourced accounting is freeing up the brains and brawn behind the business to do what they do best: growing the customer base, building core competencies and improving cash flow. Outsourcing should be considered a competitive advantage, as it allows a business to take advantage of more business opportunities.

In short, outsourcing accounting gives a business owner more time to concentrate on innovation and revenue generating activities.

The opportunity cost of key staff deferring their time from the core business to handle accounting or financial issues must be factored into the decision on whether to outsource.

Is this the time your business takes advantage of the benefits of outsourcing your accounting?

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